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Regards, Dimiter Madjarov Telerik Hello Peter, The feature has not been considered because of the reasons stated above.

As suggested, you could post it in the Feedback portal.

Thanks Hi, rajini, I am sorry not to answer so long, it is because my modem was out of order.

I already explained in the previous articles about MVC 4 Razor: Delete multiple rows in Web Grid with Check Box selection and with confirmation in ASP. NET, MVC 4 Razor: How to Select / Deselect All Checkboxes inside a Webgrid in ASP.

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It is really becoming frustrating for me, Can somebody give an example with a makup page where few controls are and the values are entered in those controls by user. Table Name: Settings Id bigint not null, Name nvarchar(50) not null, value nvarchar(50) null I want to store total 25 records (settings).

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Dispose() obj Dt = Nothing End If End Try 'If int Ret Value = -1 Then ' bln Result = True 'Else If int Ret Value = 1 Then ' bln Result = False 'End If Return bln Result End Function Hello shopia...whever you want to call you save function....time you can pass the whole Datatable to you SQL call..... The SQLTransaction makes all the batch updates an ATOMIC process, i.e, it will either do a succesful update on all or fail. update emptab set settingname = 'blah blah', value = 'bla bla' where (condition) Or if they don't have something in common you'd have to loop through and perform an ado command for every row you wanted to update.You could make a method out of the code sample in the link below, and call it for every row you wanted to update, passing in a different parameter every time, or depending on what page in your application the save button is clicked Dot Net/Lesson02 Or if they don't have something in common you'd have to loop through and perform an ado command for every row you wanted to update.For example, Table1 -------- Id name value page Id ---------------------------- 1 a a 1 2 b b 1 3 c c 2 4 d d 2 U shold have this type of table then only u have update or delete group of records at once.EX: Update Table1 set value="somethng" where page Id=2 The above query can update multiple records at a single execution.. and Value is the actual value of the setting which defines it. Site Name = abcd.com, Are Comments Allowed = No, No Of Posts = 7 etc....

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