Updating jpanel warning sign about dating

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But it doesn't exist yet, right now I'm just trying to change the random pixels assigned to the JPanel. The example I found uses an instance of a JComponent called canvas that extends a JPanel. Then it is assigned to a JTabbed Pan, and made visible. The rest just seems to follow from my not knowing enough about proper calls and such.

When a JFrame is resized, it should repaint itself and all its children. I have a component Listener to listen for a resize event. It took me awhile, but I figured out had to call routines in other classes, and judging from some string echos, that seems to work. I just want to be able to draw to it and have it show. This method will allow you to get a component at a certain index in the JTabbed Pane.

(More efficient) Yui That is a common usage but I believe it is more general than that.

I believe is should be used when the size of the component changes.

However, if I load another picture from the second time, it shows simply on top of the previous image.

The tabbed Panel resizes fine, but the canvas remains its initial 640 x 480 pixels.

In the case of a JPanel being used as a container, adding/removing components will obviously affect its size so revalidate() needs to be used.

However in other components, changing a property of the component can also change its size.

When I click on a item within the JTree it sends off an action that calls to a data base and populates the stuff on the right side of the application (JTextfields and the new dynamically created JPanels). However the bottom half of the JSplit Pane will not refresh what so ever. Here are some snippets from my code: Setting up Inner JSplit Pane and populating it: Without an SSCCE as has been suggested, we're staring at code and can point out things which may or may not be directly related to the problem - an SSCCE helps you as much as us.

On the Right is a JTree that I have created and that is working fine. On the top of the JSplit Pane I have JText Fields, on the bottom I add new JPanels dynamically during runtime.

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