Outlook updating cached messages imap

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I usually drop the ttl a couple of weeks in advance to something really low (an hour usually) so that by the time I make the change, remote DNS servers that cache my information can pick up the changes relatively quickly._jesper_ The TTL was set to 1 hour for quite some time previous to the change.During this same period of time, the user received email to Office365 as well.

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I also went to the Go Daddy account and everything looks as expected.When I was migrating to Office 365, I was given various DNS settings to configure in my control panel. For some reason on Monday morning, email started going to Google Apps again. If there is a second MX record, even with a higher priority, mail may be delivered to that location if the primary becomes unreachable.giveandtake638: I've done Office365 migrations like this many many times and definitely added all the appropriate DNS entries. Funny thing about DNS, If you have multiple records and the first on fails, when a machine goes to the next record, it tends to stick with that until it sees a failure.About 1.5 hours ago they say they cleared any zone file caches that may be lingering around in their system.I still have received email to the Google accounts very recently though.

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