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Again here, there are clues we need to pick up on when we are out with friends or at social events that help us fit in and get a closer connection to the group.

For Example − We cannot take our official work to a friend’s birthday party just for the sake of completing it.

For Example − If the client needs the project by tomorrow then anyhow it has to be completed by using available resources or doing over time.

Conformity can be stated as “accommodating to group pressures”.

Reference groups are used in order to examine and determine the nature of a person or other group's features and sociological attributes.

Many of the causes of social loafing arise from an individual feeling that his or her effort will not matter to the group.

It becomes the individual's frame of reference and source to derive his or her experiences, perceptions, needs, and ideas of self.

These groups act as a benchmark and contrast needed for comparison and evaluation of group and personal characteristics.

In other words, group pressure is not always the reason to conform.

Harvard psychologist, Herbert Kelman, identified three different types of conformity − It is a group to which a person or another group is compared.

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