Lita dating

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Jackie was one person I'd hang out with because the other girls didn't want to be around her.

I would room with her and got to know her pretty well.

Around 1999 there was talk of a Runaways reunion and Currie kind of blamed you for stifling it. Honestly, Bowie, in a weird way, reminded her of my father. There's a double standard that women can't be respected musicians and date musicians at the same time. Still today, I worship the musician because of what I remember about him, his guitar playing. It was almost like being with Elvis Presley — he could pick up the phone and have four doctors at his doorstep.Our Runaways days are long gone and our friendship will never be what it was. At this awards show in New York City she was bored when I was getting my hair and makeup done. You wrote that Sharon Osbourne suspected you slept with her husband, Ozzy, the night you wrote "Close My Eyes Forever" together in 1987. I can see why Sharon would think I was one of those girls. Sharon walks in with this gorilla with Ozzy, I took a break and we started playing pool. Off to the side of the studio was a room with keyboards and guitars and we went in the room, started jamming and we had written "Close My Eyes" by the time the sun was coming up.She's surrounded with very odd people, I've got to say. He was there a week prior to his passing because he didn't want to lie in a hospital bed, instead he said let's go rock out. So she said, I'll go look around and she disappeared. I took it as a compliment, hugged him and we talked about music for a while. You wrote a lot about how deceptive rock stars can be, particularly Ozzy's Black Sabbath bandmate Tony Iommi. We actually reached out [to Iommi] before we released the book and he never responded. One of your first guitars was a chocolate Gibson SG, because you thought it was the one Iommi played. It hurt me to discover that this person I thought was a god could be so fucked up and so mean." And it's because, I would assume, she was scared. So she calls me up and explains it's not the movie she wanted, but it's two men having sex, and I said, ' Yeah?What was your reaction when you read her statement? ' And she said, ' Do they really do that? Sandy and I had some problems and I didn't talk to her for a while.

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