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Show less Sure, the wolf ate Grandma, but in California and Florida, there were several challenges to this edition of the book in 1990 because Little Red has a bottle of wine in her basket, promoting alcohol to minors.Show less In 2015, a reading at an elementary school in Mount Horeb (WI) was cancelled because the the Liberty Counsel (classified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center) threatened to sue the school district if the book remained in the library.The book is about book-loving monkey, a tech-savvy donkey and a straight talking little mouse, and the very last word of the book, directed at the donkey, is the perhaps a little too accurate (for some) term, jackass.Lane Smith also illustrated Halloween ABC by Eve Merriam, which was banned for being "frightening and anti-Christian".

Trina Schart Hyman's version of Snow White was restricted to students with parental permission in a school in Florida in 1992 because of violence (a hunter kills a wild boar and the witch orders Snow White's heart to be cut out).

The challengers then went to the County, which held a meeting of the Commissioners' Court, which also voted to retain the book.

In 2015, 50 Hood County (TX) residents challenged this book but the library's advisory refused to remove it.

Show less Harper Collins, the publisher of this beloved bedtime tale, has digitally altered the illustrations, removing a cigarette and an ashtray.

The illustrator (Clement Hurd)'s son said he felt pressured to agree to this, but there are many people who feel strongly that the classic's illustrations should not have been changed.

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