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Once I feel everything was set, I start to relax a little and get into the conversation. I remind myself, this is a tool for myself, it’s about monitoring and determining my own interactions.Very quickly though, he starts talking about his relationship to knives, his transcendent experience of locating, owning and maintaining them, and how it makes him feel powerful, and about his family, and I suddenly feel really guilty. After an hour and a half my phone starts blowing up with messages saying LEAVE, so I do.I wonder what to do if I’m pushed further, is this wrong?I think of the times in the past when I have kissed a guy without really thinking or wanting to, and decide at least in this case I have honestly chosen to give up my agency and act based on the decisions of the workers, and in this way I’m not being false. “Back”, thank god, and I am walking home completely unsure of what to feel.I had set the system to notify me when the average leave response was 0.75, but I realized it was easiest for workers to choose leave or stay as they didn’t require a fill in the blank.To even things out, I think I will require an explanation for these choices.The workers, because they are determining my words and actions?

I ask him about his work, his family, his favorite spots in Portland, and I’m starting to run out of small talk topics, when I get the instruction “advance”.

Oddly, knowing that the workers are watching me made feel a sense of reassurance, like I’m not all alone in this situation.

At first, my attention is really divided between trying to make sure the camera is well positioned and working, and trying to engage with him.

What if we could receive real-time feedback on our social interactions?

Would unbiased third party monitors be better suited to interpret situations and make decisions for the parties involved?

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