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What looked to be a simple side-scrolling game with pixel art (GORGEOUS pixel art, I should add) was actually one of the more complex and deep strategy games I've played.You're tasked with building up your kingdom from scratch as you gather resources, build defenses, and amass an army of loyal subjects.The i Tunes freeze starts on the 23rd and runs through the 27th, which greatly limits the things developers can do on the App Store.It's possible we'll see another normal release week depending on when i Tunes Connect comes back up on the 27th, but the week following the freeze is always a little weird.

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Krosmaga [Free], the fun collectible card game from Ankama, is getting more cards soon, and this time around the cards are coming straight out of the animated series Wakfu.It's always fun seeing different media cross their beams, and I'm sure people who like the series will enjoy these new cards...One of the most surprisingly enjoyable releases for me this year was Kingdom: New Lands [.99] from Raw Fury games.The high profile nature of the game had a lot of people wondering how it had managed to slip through Apple's approval process and asking a lot of questions about what the company should do about this sort of thing...I know that there are so many card games on the App Store right now, but that's because touchscreen devices are the perfect platform for them.

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